Bingo Pinball Machine

In this site, I introduce how to play bingo pinball and the list of the machine

It is half a century, an arcade game console bingo pinball from birth
After all the charm is the profundity of the game and one's technique
As for the machine which can win will not be because is it.

It is from U.S.A. of 1951 that I appeared as a machine of the current form
I open after it in an instant and continue still charming a fan.
Therefore in that a rule is complicated and does not know well though I want to play
Do not you try it taking advantage of this by all means
I f even a little has you know fun of the bingo pinball through this page, I am happy.

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This time the Bingo Colors bingo pinball
I had a transfer from old URL was completed and start it in new URL.
New site URL Bingo Colors bingo pinball

A role the play field of the button
How to set balls
I will push forward a game with screen profitably
About the characteristic of each section
Convenient function and matters that require attention
About a ball control
I introduce an example of the play progress

The introduction of a bingo machine maker, Bally Corp.
The introduction of a sigma bingo machine (IC bingo)
It is the link of the bingo pinball site
The purpose of the greetings site

I want to look at the inside of IC BINGO
About the switch of the front moulding (a wooden frame)
About the slant adjustment of the play field

Used parts are seen through maintenance
The program unit first partiWindshield wiper washer disassemblyj
The program unit latter partiwasher exchange installationj

I watch it by an animation, and it is Bingo Pinball
It is an OK game animation of Bally bingo Can Can
Sigma (IC Bingo) ELDORADO a machine test animation

Images of the Bally Bingo machine sigma IC Bingo (a bingo pinball machine)
The image of the bingo pinball machine is improved
Bally Bingo Pinball SILVER SAILS
Bally Bingo Pinball SILVER SAILS(Animation)
Bally Bingo Pinball Golden Gate
Bally Bingo Pinball TAHITI
Bally Bingo Pinball TAHITI(maintenance)
Image of Bally Bingo Pinball (part 1) genuine part and others
Image of Bally Bingo Pinball (part 2) genuine part and others
BACK GLASS( Bally , Sigma company)
Bally Bingo Pinball Machine Can Can
Sigma(Japan) IC Bingo ELDORADO

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